When I moved my blog to self hosted virtual machine, I later realised that the content itself was still calling external services for web fonts and css and a javascript.

It makes no sense to move from Microsoft owned Github Pages to self-hosted and force users to visit Google, unpkg.org and cdnjs.cloudflare.com every time they visit my humble blog.


Starting from today the blog server hosts

  • FiraSans and FiraCode fonts instead of relying on Google Fonts
  • pure-min.css and grids-responsive-min.css so that unpkg.com is no longer called
  • use native syntax highlighting of Hugo and no longer download highlight.js from a CloudFlare CDN
  • update: source was moved to Codeberg

New look

While I was doing changes to fork of hestia-pure, I used a willem.dev as an inspiration and changed the look of the site. It uses colors from my favorite color theme gruvbox.